OSHA Safety

Safety is Important!

Every customer’s building or work site needs to be safe for contractors, employees – everyone.

Izsam makes the safety of each facility or construction site our main priority.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is a government agency that oversees the safety of all construction sites. They set the standards that all contractors must meet to ensure safety on all projects.

Every one of our franchises are required to put all of their employees through a 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety training course.

Beyond this mandatory training, you’ll find that our company is obsessed with safety.

Over the years, the company’s founders have developed a spotless reputation for keeping the workplace free of serious recognized hazards – including any unsanitary or dangerous health and safety conditions.

Izsam is determined to ensure that all franchises uphold this same code of ethics.

No matter the size of the customer’s building or construction site, we clean it up – safely, professionally and affordably – while meeting the highest standards.

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